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Ciaran Jones, Off-Duty Irish Police Officer, Loses Life Heroically in Floodwaters

Ciaran Jones, Off-Duty Irish Police Officer, Loses Life Heroically in Floodwaters

By Nancy J. Rigg

A 25-year old, off-duty police officer in Ireland – Ciaran Jones – lost his life in an act of selfless heroism, when powerful storms lashed the East Coast of Ireland on October 24, 2011, causing widespread flooding.

According to news reports, Jones was in a vehicle with his brother, Alan, and a close friend, approaching Ballysmuttan Bridge, which spans the River Liffey.  Jones noted that the river was flood-swollen, threatening the safety of the bridge itself, as well as any motorists who might unknowingly try to drive across it.  Jones stepped out of his car and headed towards the bridge to warn other motorists to turn back.  Sadly, he somehow got caught in the rising torrent and was swept downstream.

Ciaran Jones lost his life in raging floodwaters, protecting others.

Jones’ remains were recovered on October 25th, 4km downstream from where he was swept away.  Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team coordinated the search effort.  According to a news report in Irish Central : “The Irish Coast Guard, the Garda (police) helicopter and mountain and river rescue teams joined Jones’ colleagues in the search before his body was discovered at Ballyward Bridge, near Manor Kilbride.”

Officer (Garda) Jones was a four-year veteran of the gardaí, based at Stepaside in County Dublin.

A funeral mass was held for Jones in Manor Kilbride, Co Wicklow, on Friday, October 28, 2011.   Jones is survived by his parents, Brenda and John, a younger brother and sister – Alan and Michelle – and his girlfriend, Clare Kennedy, who spoke at the mass about meeting Jones when they were in their teens and falling in love.

In addition to his police work, Jones was an accomplished “footballer,” playing rugby with the Clondalkin rugby team.

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