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Trooper Frederick F. Guthrie, Jr. Support Fund Announced

Trooper Frederick F. Guthrie, Jr. Support Fund

By Nancy J. Rigg

Missouri State Trooper Frederick F. Guthrie Jr., and his Patrol K-9 Reed

It is with deep sorrow that we must report yet another public safety, line of duty loss in the swift water environment. Missouri State Trooper, Frederick F. Guthrie, Jr., 46, and his K-9 partner, Reed, have evidently drowned in powerful floodwaters, according to Colonel Ronald K. Replogle, Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Patrol K-9 Reed’s body has been recovered, but Trooper Guthrie remains missing.

According to Highway Patrol reports, on August 1, 2011, Trooper Guthrie and Reed were working Missouri River flood duty in Holt County, Missouri, when they were both apparently swept away in a raging torrent.

On Tuesday August 2, 2011, at approximately 6:25 p.m. K-9 Reed’s remains were recovered approximately 100 yards from where Trooper Guthrie’s Patrol truck and boat were located. Reed was a five year K-9 veteran with the Patrol.

The recovery effort for Guthrie has been ongoing for nearly one week since he and Reed were swept away.

A support fund has been established to assist the family of Trooper Guthrie, who is a 17 year veteran trooper.  Guthrie leaves behind a wife and three children.

The support fund has been established at the Bank of Weston, Missouri. The address is Post Office Box 8, Weston, Missouri 64098. The funds should be sent to the bank in care of the Guthrie Family fund.

The death of Trooper Guthrie marks the third line of duty death in swift water within the last six weeks, and K-9 Reed’s death marks the first on duty canine death. Converse County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Gross, 29, lost his life during a river rescue in Wyoming on July 28, 2011. And Sheilah Sweatman, 29, of the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association lost her life in the Goat River during a recovery operation on June 29, 2011, near Creston, BC, in Canada.

Sheriff Deputy Bryan Gross, Wyoming

Sheilah Sweatman, British Columbia.

More must be done to protect law enforcement, fire rescue and other officials serving in flood zones, or deployed to missions involving swift water.  It is hoped that comprehensive investigations of these recent tragedies will yield improvements in flood and swiftwater rescue preparedness for all public safety agencies nationwide.

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  1. I honor his precious life and send my deepest compassion to his family, friends, and co-workers

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